“You did what !?”

In general by satya

It’s about a week since I put in my papers and decided to move out into the wild west of ‘thinking about what I want to do next’. And while I have had many folks cheer me on and wish me all the best, I have also had a fair share of very close friends who have done a double take when they heard about my decision.

Though I am floating on the initial burst of enthusiasm that I assume follows every such move (I wouldn’t know – my last resignation letter was tended 14 years ago), I am aware that this level of risk is not something that many folks want to take. I fully understand that but it is still a wee bit disconcerting when I hear the disbelief in people’s voices when they hear that I gave up a relatively interesting, secure and responsible position in a large, well recognized company to wade out on my own.

Here’s hoping that my skin gets thicker and that people’s reactions get thinner over time :)