The name game

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I thought I was done with bending my brain to the name game when my wife and I successfully named our two kids. But I was wrong – in comparison to trying to find a name for my startup, naming our kids was literally child’s play (apologies for the bad pun).

I am struggling with names here. I  go to bed convinced that I have finally found THE name, only to wake up 8 hours later crinkling my nose in disgust at the name. Then there are times when I am sure I have got the name and then  I subject it to the spouse test.

I usually provide my wife with the context for the name (what it is supposed to convey, whom it is aimed at etc) and then spring the name on her. Until now, I am the proud owner of a 100% failure record – not a single name has got her approval – and the problem is, she is right. Either it is too “enterprisey” or too “consumery” or too something or the other.

At this stage, I am hoping for some sort of divine intervention or inspiration.. Maybe I should go play a video game.. maybe I should play Mario..”its-a-mee,, Mario” 😉