Staying fit while doing your own thing

In general, health by satya

It’s been barely two weeks since I have got out of the routine of a job and I am already feeling the effect on my overall fitness. There was a certain discipline around jogging, working out etc that I had worked into my schedule while I used to go to the office.

Now that I am on my own, I pretty much have a flexible schedule which means that it gets filled with meetings to catch up with old contacts, brainstorming sessions with various idea partners and spending time with the kids (on an interesting aside, I used the word ‘babysitting’ to describe this activity when speaking to a friend and I was reminded that when it came to your own kids, it was called ‘parenting’ :) )

The net result is that I need to make a very conscious effort to carve out the 30 minutes or so every day to do something along the fitness dimension – and it’s been a hit and miss affair so far.  And I can only imagine that when I do get into the deep end of a startup, this is going to get even more difficult.

So the question for you independent souls out there – have you managed to get this discipline into your routine and if yes, how ?