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All aboard the roller coaster !

In experience, general, startups by satya

Mark Suster, an entrepreneur turned VC, writes fantastically down to earth and unassuming articles. One of his recent posts on Techcrunch talks about the life of an entrepreneur and again, like all his articles, immediately hit the mark given the crazy schedule I have had for the last 10 days or so in India. As an example, this is what I  experienced in a 24 hour period last week : (a) Last call with internal team ends at 11.30pm – clear up pending emails and go to bed at 1AM feeling good that things are chugging along well (b) Wake …

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It’s been 6 hectic months

In general, user experience by satya

since I last posted on this blog. One of my New Year resolutions is to be a better “social citizen” (there is some redundancy in that phrase !) so here I am with a fresh attempt to keep my blog current. When I last posted here, I was pursuing an idea around how to enable consumers to take more control over their interactions with retailers/brands. While the idea received significant positive feedback from folks in the space, I realized that getting it off the ground required a lot more runway than I could afford as a start-up. I pivoted (quite …

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360 degree view of the consumer ?

In crm, retail, shopping by satya

As I continue to research various areas of CRM as part of my dive into the deep end of entrepreneurship, it is becoming clear to me that the old chestnut about getting a ‘360 degree view’ of the consumer has still not been achieved by almost any retailer. This used to be the holy grail in the market even in the 90s when I first started up the CRM LoB for SAP in Asia Pacific. Today, even the most sophisticated retailer is only able to get at best a ‘2 degree’ or ’10 degree’ view of the consumer. The actual number …

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More than a month…

In general by satya

since my last blog post. Things have been extremely hectic and I am unfortunately not able to post any specific info except to say that I am truly in the deep end of the world of entrepreneurship. I am posting this to ensure that I don’t completely lose touch with the blog – I hope to be back sometime soon with more details.

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The name game

In general, startups by satya

I thought I was done with bending my brain to the name game when my wife and I successfully named our two kids. But I was wrong – in comparison to trying to find a name for my startup, naming our kids was literally child’s play (apologies for the bad pun). I am struggling with names here. I  go to bed convinced that I have finally found THE name, only to wake up 8 hours later crinkling my nose in disgust at the name. Then there are times when I am sure I have got the name and then  I …

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Me and my data in a “private” cloud ?

In crm, vrm by satya

As I continue reading Paul Greenberg’s book  on “CRM at the Speed of Light”, one of the areas that has grabbed my interest is Vendor Relationship Management (or in the world of TLAs, VRM). This started me thinking around the lines of ‘owning’ all of my data as an individual – everything I did online, in the ‘real world’, said, wrote, thought (ok, maybe not that) would be collected together in  one central repository and obviously in the world that we live in, would be available to me on-demand. I  know that some of my friends would scream privacy murder …

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Raindrops falling on our heads – the cloud based content business

In apps, content, on demand, on premise by satya

The announcement of’s planned acquisition of Jigsaw is an interesting move in the world of cloud-based ‘content’. I am loosely defining ‘content’ here as stuff that goes on top of software applications in order to provide additional value to the users (in effect, make the plain vanilla application come alive) – this is also routinely called ‘data’. In this particular case, users of would be able to (in the right context) seamlessly use the contact information provided by Jigsaw as opposed to having to enter it manually. There have been many attempts by On Premise application vendors such …

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Staying fit while doing your own thing

In general, health by satya

It’s been barely two weeks since I have got out of the routine of a job and I am already feeling the effect on my overall fitness. There was a certain discipline around jogging, working out etc that I had worked into my schedule while I used to go to the office. Now that I am on my own, I pretty much have a flexible schedule which means that it gets filled with meetings to catch up with old contacts, brainstorming sessions with various idea partners and spending time with the kids (on an interesting aside, I used the word …

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Windows, User Experience and (strained) Loyalty

In user experience by satya

I made a fleeting reference in my previous post to the pain I was going through with my Windows based laptop. The last 36 hours have reminded me about the paradoxical  co-relation between user experience and loyalty, regardless of whether it is software or any other (consumer) based experience. Does an unpleasant user experience impact ‘loyalty’ ? If yes, when does this impact take place ? Despite having a MacBook floating around somewhere at home, I still prefer to use my Windows based laptop for tasks that I need to get done quickly – my familiarity with Windows is a …

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On Demand and On Premise inch closer to each other

In apps, on demand, on premise by satya

While I struggle through a upgrade of my laptop from Windows XP to 7 (more on that in a later post), I found this very interesting analysis by Paul Greenberg over at the Social CRM blog. This is an area that I am fascinated by due to its intersection between SAP’s On Premise applications (which I am very familiar with) and newer On Demand apps from other vendors (an area I am exploring in a lot of detail now) . A quote from the post : This is probably a bigger step forward for than it is for SAP …