Me and my data in a “private” cloud ?

In crm, vrm by satya

As I continue reading Paul Greenberg’s book  on “CRM at the Speed of Light”, one of the areas that has grabbed my interest is Vendor Relationship Management (or in the world of TLAs, VRM). This started me thinking around the lines of ‘owning’ all of my data as an individual – everything I did online, in the ‘real world’, said, wrote, thought (ok, maybe not that) would be collected together in  one central repository and obviously in the world that we live in, would be available to me on-demand.

I  know that some of my friends would scream privacy murder at the thought of this – but if I indeed had true control (and this needs to be defined better than what I can manage in a quick blog entry before I rush off to be a Sunday evening host), this would be useful in many different ways to me. I could decide who sees what part of the data, when and for what purpose.

I would indeed be in the center of my universe and be able to decide how marketing folks from Retailers and Consumer Products companies could interact with me – nirvana from spam and maybe at last a step towards targeted marketing promised more than 10 years ago ?

There are folks who have done a lot more thinking and have much more expertise in this area than me. A couple of good places to start exploring this concept are the Project VRM blog and Doc Searl’s blog

More on what I am beginning to think of as my “private cloud” in my next post – would love to hear your thoughts.