It’s been 6 hectic months

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since I last posted on this blog. One of my New Year resolutions is to be a better “social citizen” (there is some redundancy in that phrase !) so here I am with a fresh attempt to keep my blog current. When I last posted here, I was pursuing an idea around how to enable consumers to take more control over their interactions with retailers/brands. While the idea received significant positive feedback from folks in the space, I realized that getting it off the ground required a lot more runway than I could afford as a start-up.

I pivoted (quite a major turn, in fact) towards the Enterprise Software space and set up a company called Next Principles (apart from a bare bones home page, its website is not quite there). We are focusing our efforts on the Enterprise Mobility and Social CRM spaces and were fortunate to get our first customer – a large consumer packaged good company in India. We have already delivered our solution and are quite excited by the output – a Sales Intelligence solution on Android tablets built with state of the art HTML5/CSS3 technology. All in all, it was a hectic but immensely satisfying end to 2010.

With the dawn of the New Year, we have solidified the product vision for our Social CRM offering and have created a prototype to test out some key concepts. We are in the process of validating this solution with companies in both the US and India and are excited by the possibilities. We will soon set up a Next Principles blog and start providing more details there.

I hope to be able to update this blog more frequently during the course of 2011. Here’s wishing all of you a very belated but nonetheless sincere Happy New Year ! :)